Eyes to See & Ears to Hear

This is one of those posts that you are either going to like it or absolutely hate it. There is rarely grey area in this. However, this is the road I came to, and no one lead me here beyond my own heart.


I felt I was missing something, I mean really missing something about the real message that was supposed to be in the ministries of Christ. So, I began looking everywhere. I mean that literally. I began reading books on other religions, both current and ancient. And the interesting thing that kept creeping up was that I had read most of it before. In the words of Christ. Heck, even Plato, who was before the days of Christ, was saying the same things. So, what was really the lesson here? That Christianity took pieces from other religions, sure. But, what was maybe part of that deeper message.


Then, one day a random though popped into this mind of mine. I began to compare cells to us. Meaning, if there was someone looking at us laid out on a slide under 300x’s magnification, what would we look like?


And, it then hit me, we are cells, no different than the ones we see on a slide. The populations on this Earth are all part of the kingdom of the greatest artist there is. We are his cells, and when we die, our cells are spread to nourish the Earth, which is also part of him. His breath is in us, and that is the whole point, we are all demi-gods, and this is directly linked to the breath of life in each of us. No one is better than another, but the concepts of honor and integrity matter. The concepts of being responsible for ones actions matter. Fine, forgiveness is a good thing, it allows you to move on from those hardships that are truly at the damaging hands of another, but, accountability, that really does matter. Christ is not going forgive blankly and blindly because of just faith alone.

We have to forgive ourselves, and make corrections to our mistakes in the areas we can. This is something that is missing today. You can see it in the youth of America on an alarming level. When did it become all about blind faith, and no accountability?

And if we were designed with this natural duality in all of us by the amazing artist, what is really evil and sinful about that?

There are moments that the parts you see as the worst of you are necessary, for whatever reason may come up, and instead of pushing down the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, we should learn to embrace ourselves, both the good and the bad, because that is our unique finger print. The soul that lies within, it all it’s forms.

I know that an amazing artist designed me, and there is nothing wrong with that. I will face all of life’s hardships with a new perspective, one that I have always had, but never fully understood. I am not evil, I am a wonderful part of the grand design. And, that these hardships help to guide me along the winding path of life. They help make up the reason we are here. To learn something, and with that, accountability must be a part of the puzzle.